San Juan

Top 3 things to do in San Juan

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

There are many wonderful and exciting things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The capital of the state; it boasts mild weather year round, wonderful people and plenty of things to keep you busy during your stay. Whether you are a shopper, diner, athlete or a combination you will find tons of things of unique things to do.
Everyone will enjoy the beaches. Beautiful sand, sailing, kaying and more. Enjoy a swim with local fish and see some undersea marvels. One of the beaches even has restaurants right on the water, a relaxing and pleasant experience.  If you are looking for more athletic adventures, rent a bike and noodle around. Find out of the way things to do that just can’t be reached by car.
For the history buffs, this centuries old island has tons of things to look for. In addition to the world class museums, the island itself is history waiting to be explored. The many plazas in the city boast intriguing statues, very old cobblestones and wonderful architecture. There are many historic sites, including an authentic castle.
For the shoppers, be prepared to drop. There are awesome “name brand” outlets. Visit the local shops and be sure to visit Nono Maldonado, a world class designer.  Visit the Butterfly Art Gallery, specializing in this exquisite creature in many different forms of art.
When you are dining on the island, take in many different flavors and flairs of food. You will find everything from Latin American to Caribbean food. Be sure to visit the Perla restaurant, specializing in American food, it is housed in a dramatic shell right on the water.
No matter your tastes and whatever you end up doing you will be sure to have a good time in San Juan!