Top 3 things to do in Nassau

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

If you are looking for a good time abroad and want to do an island vacation, then The Bahamas is the place for you! Also called Nassau; the Bahamas boasts stellar beaches, pampering and much much more!
When you are traveling to the Bahamas, there are many exciting things-to-do and see. Steeped in culture, you will want to experience the flair and deep history of the Bahamians. A musical culture, you will find drums and singing in the choir. Beats with flair, music is part of the daily life there and is one thing you must experience!  
Beauty is everywhere! Take in the beach and relax. Swim with the dolphins and hang out with the flamingos that are on the island. The Hilton boasts real swashbuckling pirate action- take the kids; they will have a grand time! They will love it! Local lore is fun to learn, take time to learn about the rich history of REAL pirates!
Looking for souvenirs to bring back to friends, or for yourself to remember your fabulous trip? Explore everything from haute couture to a straw market. Look for handmade local goods to support the local economy. The straw market has local venders that provide goods such as wood carvings, handmade straw hats and conch shell jewelry. A great way to remember your trip!
For the adults looking for night life, there is an array of vibrant bars, enjoy island drinks and music. Enjoy world class casinos, the perfect way to end a beautiful day! Be fabulous and enjoy the fun in the fabulous weather!
Enjoy your stay at the Bahamas. I hope you get to take it all in, take your time and relax. That is what a true Bahamian would do!