Christ Church

Top 3 things to do in Christ Church

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

When looking for an awesome island getaway, Christ Church is an excellent place to visit. Commonly known as Barbados, you will find crystal clear waters and a relaxing environment that you can literally sink your toes into. Let’s go over some things to do and see while you are there!
While there you must go and see Bridgetown. Its garrison is a UNESCO world heritage site. It was an important hub for world commerce back in its glory days. Another thing to see would definitely  is the beaches. Whether you are kayaker, a snorkeler, a relaxer or a surfer you are sure to find a beach that suits your needs. From tranquil waters, to coral reefs to massive waves different sections of the island offer an array of beautiful waters. For those of you with kids or are kids at heart you really must see the Atlantis! An underwater adventure, you will come face to face with phenomenal sea life.
There are many other things to do in Barbados. Experience exquisite food-fresh lobster and seafood and local favorites. Everything from Caribbean to well-known fast food, you will find something for everyone in your group to enjoy. For those of you with children, you must definitely visit the Welchman Hall Gully Tropical Forest. You will be intrigued by the caves and natural tropical plants. For the grown up crowd, the night life is certainly something to experience. Take in a night time dinner show, take a romantic dinner cruise or visit an open air night club.
No matter what your tastes, Barbados offers something that you will enjoy. The beautiful water; the awesome experiences it offers-you can swim with the turtles! The food, the fun and the nightlife. There is something there for everyone! Hope you enjoy your stay!