Port of Spain

Top 3 things to do in Port of Spain

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago is a refreshingly wonderful place to vacation. Lush rainforests, relaxing beaches and other adventures greet you and will make you never want to leave.  The culture is amazingly diverse, ranging from English to Asian and African. This will lead to a multitude of cosine and of entertainment options.
For those of you looking for outdoor recreation, you must consider a hiking tour. Be sure to bring some good boots and head for Maracas Falls, a gorgeous waterfall. You will have great photo ops and enjoy the jungle views. For less active outdoor activities, you can head to the Royal Botanical Gardens or the beach at Maracas bay.
There are many interesting cultural areas to take in, to seep yourself in the country you are visiting. You must visit Western Main Road. During the day you will find food vendors at night the bars open. A constant hustle and bustle it is an exciting area to take in the locals as well as some excellent food. If you are looking to take in some local theater you will certainly have to visit Queens Hall. The staff is wonderful and the venue is known to be absolutely gorgeous.
While you are there take advantage of the multiple nationalities and the various foods they offer. Everything from English to Caribbean food is available and anything you want in between. You can enjoy Asian one day and Indian another. Definitely a must do is try the different flavors!
For those of you looking to shop there is many different local shops and vendors to choose from. You will be able to bring home some excellent memories. Have fun while you are there!