Santiago de los Caballeros

Top 3 things to do in Santiago de los Caballeros

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic then you must take a trip for a day or two to Santiago de los Caballeros. With its excellent architecture and storied history, be sure to bring your camera. You will not want to miss as thing! With excellent shopping options and fine dining there is much to do for the family. With an airport, the city makes it a convenient stop if you also plan to visit other cities. Since tourism is not one of the cities priorities, you will have to think like a local and enjoy the city that way.
The cities claim to fame is that it is where many of the countries presidents were born and raised. The economy in Santiago de los Caballeros is largely based on agriculture. Everything from tobacco and coffee to leather goods is produced there. Cigar lovers will enjoy the Museo del Tobacco. See the art of the cigar first hand and purchase some fine cigars, the quality is excellent.
For those of you looking to spend some time outdoors you will have to visit the Calle del Sol is Parque Duarte. The city dwellers enjoy this park, so it will give you a chance to hang with the natives.
The city has an awesome place to shop. The Calle del Sol. This is the shopping center. It is home to many shops, street vendors, bars and restaurants. You will find some excellent Dominican souvenirs and fine cuisine.
During your stay, you can experience the local dining and nightlife. There is a casino and many bars and nightclubs. You will find foods ranging from American fast food to Dominican and other cultures. Whatever your tastes you can enjoy a great meal.
Enjoy your visit! Take time and enjoy touring a typical Dominican city.