The Westin Crown Center

The Westin Crown Center (Kansas)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

It is not always easy to find the right hotel for an upcoming trip, but let's talk about the 5 reasons we should go to The Westin Crown Center. This wonderful and modern hotel may be the right choice for you!

Westin Workout Fitness Studio
Many guests are interested in fitness, and the hotel's gym is nothing like an average one. Westin Workout Fitness Studio is the place where you can workout and perhaps try a new routine. You can try Yoga, Pilates, or simply find the best workout for you with the help of a fitness instructor.

Tangent at Westin
If you ever need to take care of business during your hotel stay, the Tangent offers all the latest technology for a job interview or a conference. The room also includes fridges, free wi-fi and all the privacy you may need.

Eat at The Brasserie Restaurant
You may get hungry after a full day, or need an energizing breakfast to start your day with. Head over to The Brasserie Restaurant and try one of the American dishes served here in a casual atmosphere. The restaurant is stylish, but also family friendly and offers meals at any time of the day.

Wedding offers
The wedding packages provided by The Westin Crown Center are suitable to any type of wedding. You can have your dream wedding here while overlooking Kansas City, and enjoy food prepared by an award winning chef.

Check out the Stay in Gear program
Guests who want to stay active and in shape can look into the Stay in Gear program. The program offers free sport shoes and clothing for as long as you are a hotel guest, so you can just leave your own gear at home. Your luggage will become much lighter this way, as you can get the equipment delivered straight to your hotel room.