The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up (Montana)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

There are many things to do or to see at The Resort at Paws Up, however we present you with only 5 reasons we should go to The Resort at Paws Up  (Montana). Hopefully at least one will be of interest for you as well.

To spend your honeymoon
Many resorts say they will host your wedding, but they usually ignore the best period in a marriage. The Resort at Paws Up offers interesting lodging options for the newlyweds, while having various activity packages specially designed for two.

Come with the kids
This is a family friendly resort, therefore you can come with your children. There are plenty of activities for the little ones to enjoy. One of the most popular programs is the week long "Kids Corps of Discovery" that includes a petting zoo and a treehouse, but not only.

Ride a hot air balloon
If you wanted to see the Lewis and Clark route from above, this is your chance. All kids above the age 8 can join in the ride. If you’re lucky enough, your hot air balloon will softly float right under some cloud.

Learn how to ride a horse
Riding a horse looks easy in the movies, so how difficult can it be? It turns out the rider needs a certain posture and must guide the horse in a specific way. Everyone over the age of 8 can start learning how to ride a horse.

To become an archer
Many people dream is to be good at archery, after all this was something almost everybody used to know until a century ago. If this was your dream as well you can now learn how to shoot an arrow, and you might even hit a bullseye. If you already know how to shoot an arrow, make sure to test your skills with the various types of targets.