The Elms Hotel and Spa

The Elms Hotel and Spa (Missouri)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

Are you one of those people who want to experience what luxury really feels like, even if it’s for a few days? If you just answered “yes” then read on the top 5 reasons we should go to The Elms Hotel and Spa (Missouri).

If you like history and famous people
There are still a few places out there that operate for more than 100 years. This hotel opened more than 125 years ago and is still going strong. Important personalities, meaning both celebrities and politicians,  also vacationed here. The site has been renovated to offer luxury services.

Spa in the grotto
At The Elms Hotel even the Spa is special. It has the option for a Spa grotto complete with a covered pool in the grotto itself. Try out the steam or the dry sauna, the cold or the hot shower and more. You will surely feel younger after just one session.

Dining options
Nobody likes to stay at a hotel and have a single option for when they want to eat. The Elms Hotel and Spa  has a cafe, and 2 places where you can have either true American food, and the Tavern where people also like to hang out.

Host your wedding
You already know this is a luxurious location that can cater the food. You can hold the ceremony outside and the party inside, in the big ballroom. you might be able to bring your own cake, or order it here.

Enjoy some bonuses
It seems the staff at this hotel really want the guests to feel special. As long as their stay has a romantic side, they could receive keepsake robes or chocolates. Couples receive a 50 minutes massage session as well. Not all packages may be available year-round, so ask the concierge about their special offers.