Tan-Tar-A Resort, Golf Club, Marina & Indoor Waterpark

Tan-Tar-A Resort, Golf Club, Marina & Indoor Waterpark (Missouri)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

The staff at the Tan-Tar-A Resort are sure their resort and service will be top notch and that you’ll make memories to last you a lifetime. These 5 reasons we should go to Tan-Tar-A Resort, Golf Club, Marina & Indoor Waterpark (Missouri) hopefully will part of your future memories.

Playing golf
Golf is a sport for the whole body. This resort has 2 golf courses, one with 18 holes and one with 9 holes. Clearly you can play on the course you feel more comfortable on depending on your skill level. If you don’t know how to play, ask the concierge about the golf classes you can attend during your stay.

Helicopter ride
Helicopters are really loud, but these days they are associated with a certain level of luxury and romance. If you have a significant other you would like to get married to, book a helicopter ride and propose while up in the air, and pray for a positive answer.

For a wedding
If your significant other accepted your marriage proposal you could have your wedding hosted here at this resort. There are 2 popular venues for an outdoor ceremony, both with the lake as background. One of them is the beach and the other one is by the lake in a spot where the sunset looks amazing.

Complete relaxation at the Spa
You must check out the Spa at this resort because their best service is making sure you feel relaxed. Facials, massages, and other pampering methods are best enjoyed as a package.

Visit a cave
You already know most of the attractions and activities the resort offers. However in its vicinity you can find not one, but 3 caves that are waiting for visitors! These caves are Jacob’s Cave, Bridal Cave, and the Ozark Caverns. The first one is accessible for those using a wheelchair as well.