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Reasons we should go to Scenic Cabin Rentals (Kentucky)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

If you plan a family vacation in Kentucky, try to choose a place that is surrounded by nature. Many of the smaller lodges provide all the comfort you will need, so check out the 5 reasons we should go to Scenic Cabin Rentals.

Visit the Reptile Zoo
The Reptile Zoo is a place for your entire family to spend some hours at. The Zoo is open each single day during the summer months, and features the largest venomous snake collection in the US. More than this, school activities are taking place weekly, and the Zoo even includes a gift shop!

Go to the movies
A summer vacation is not complete without going to the Drive In Theatre. Situated only 30 minutes away from Scenic Cabin Rentals, the theatre is the perfect place to watch your favorite movies and enjoy popcorn in the open air.

Via Ferrata Rock Climbing Park
If you want to learn how to rock climb together with your kid, head over to the Via Ferrata Park for a few hours. The Park is ideal for beginners, and children as young as 10 can learn a new skill.

Enjoy a day at the Cave Run Lake
Cave Run Lake is full of fun things to do like swimming or get a nice tan. Although the lake is located about an hour away from the Cabins, the trip will be worth your time. Beside swimming, you can rent a boat and go fishing on the river or try jet skiing.

Visit Rock House Cafe
Rock House Cafe is the place where people gather to drink a beer or an ice coffee, laugh and catch up with friends. You will also love this large cafe, even if you are simply visiting. The restaurant is famed for its delicious carrot cake and beautiful surroundings.