Meadow Lake Resort

Reasons we should go to Meadow Lake Resort (Montana)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

Do you like the fresh mountain air? Then you probably already spend a holiday at the Meadow Lake Resort in Montana. For the rest of us, these are just 5 reasons we should go to Meadow Lake Resort (Montana), a place where relaxation is included.

Play a game of pool
There is at least one pool table located at the Fireside Coffee. This location operates depending on the season and on how busy the resort is. If you bring more friends you might have the chance to have this bar opened just for you.

The resort has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools that are more than welcoming to the guests. You clearly have a very good excuse to pack at least one swimming costume. Make sure to ask the concierge about other swimming option, especially in summer.

Visit a museum
When vacationing abroad, you surely stop by at least one or two museums. This resort has a few museums in its vicinity, among which the well known Conrad Mansion Museum and the Hockaday Museum of Art. Ask the concierge about other museums if you want to know more about the local art.

Gold Creek Jewelry
Women love gold and therefore this precious metal is reason enough to come here for a short stay. This company specialises in creating one of a kind earrings. The Yogo and Montana sapphires may be found on the jewelry designed by this company. These pieces are a great gift for a loved one.

Buy natural body products
The local Sage & Cedar in Whitefish is well known locally for its pure, natural and organic, products that can be used in your bath or on your skin. The best part? You can choose your own scent. Be warned, that you might want to keep these for yourself and not gift them.