Lodge of Four Seasons

Reasons we should go to Lodge of Four Seasons (Missouri)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

The name of this lodge has a single purpose: to let everyone know they can come for a vacation at any time throughout the year. Surely, a reservation is ideal, but you should be certain you’ll have a good time. Find out about 5 reasons we should go to Lodge of Four Seasons (Missouri) by continuing reading.

To play some golf
The Lake of the Ozarks is a well known destination for everyone who plays golf. This lodge alone has build 3 golf courses over the years, one of them having a waterfront and 18 holes. Your number 1 challenge will be to choose the course to test your skills on.

To experience the Murder Mystery Weekend
This is a weekend full of adventures, mysteries, and with a tradition of 10 years now. If you want to pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes, you should book a room well in advance. This adventure lasts starting Friday evening and ends on Sunday.

Enjoy many water activities
Some people like to get wet, and since the lodge is by the lake it’s basically impossible to only stay dry and on land. Better have a licensed captain and a private charter for a day filled with sightseeing, cruises, or even waterskiing on a private sports charter. Check out all the other extreme water sports as well.

Go see rare Japanese plants
The Japanese garden has been created in 1989 and it gradually became home to many rare and special plants from Japan. Expect to see trees, bushes, and other plants. The garden also has a series of ponds with koi fish you can feed.

To go shopping
Nobody needs an excuse to go shopping, but somehow this activity is more fun during your vacation. Be on the lookout for the famous HK’s Original Steak Sauce that you can buy here.