Lodge at Whitefish Lake

Reasons we should go to Lodge at Whitefish Lake (Montana)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

One of the main excuses you have to book your stay at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake is that you can visit the Glacier National Park. Read on if you need extra 5 reasons we should go to Lodge at Whitefish Lake (Montana).

For the snacks or gas
It’s no secret anymore that we became addicted to unhealthy snack or that we can run out of gas during the holiday. Luckily the Lodge Marina is there to help you out. The downside, is that it is the only place on Whitefish Lake where you can buy these much needed goods.

To enjoy some specific events
The Lodge has special events going on depending on the day of the week, such as wine sold for half its price on Mondays, as long as you buy the bottle. On Thursdays, the ladies receive 2 drinks instead of one. These offers sound like a lot of fun for some people.

To play some golf
Some folks really feel like they have some time off when they can play golf. This location has 9 golf courses used for championship competitions, and are well known among golfers. Two of these courses have 18 holes.

Admire some unique art
The Western Art Gallery as well as the whole property displays art works by Fred & Deborah Fellows. The couple is fascinated by the true (wild) West lifestyle and they show it through their art. Their paintings and sculptures are really impressive.

Hold a meeting
When you plan on bringing more people in a single place at the same time, your best hope is that there will be enough room for everyone. This Lodge sure can accommodate everybody no matter why they gathered. The event is sure to be a success when hosting it here. You might even want to get married here, but you need to book in advance.