King Creek Resort & Marina

Reasons we should go to King Creek Resort & Marina (Kentucky)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

Not everyone wants to stay at a luxurious hotel while vacationing. If you simply want to enjoy the nature in a casual setting, here are 5 reasons we should go to King Creek Resort & Marina.

Visit the Marina
The Marina is the place where you can rent a boat and go fishing on the river, or just have a fun experience while breathing in the fresh air. The Marina also features a shop to buy food and snacks for your adventure. You can get fishing supplies here if you did not come prepared!

Eat at Majestic Pizza & Steak House
You may enjoy spending time in nature, but you will also get hungry. When you want to eat something freshly prepared, go to the Majestic Pizza & Steak House for a meal. The pizzas are fresh out of the oven, and the side salads are something you simply need to try. The restaurant is casual and family friendly.

Go camping
Camping is fun and will allow you to connect with the surroundings. If your family is with you, the experience will be that much more fun! The camping site is located near the Kentucky Lake, and provides shower cabins and outlets for your electronic devices.

Try out fishing
If you stay at the King Creek Resort, you can easily go on fishing trip on the Kentucky Lake., Furthermore, guests can sunbathe and swim in the clean waters, as well as engage in other water sports.

Visit The Kentucky Opry
Fishing and sunbathing is fun, but you may be searching for something to do in the evening as well. Visit the The Kentucky Opry for a chance to see live bands playing country music, as well as other events and shows. Some nights are free for all, so check it out!