Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel

Five reasons to go to Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel (South Dakota)

  • By Mary A
  • Destinations
  • 06.10.2016

Are you looking for an amazing winter holiday destination? Here are five reasons to go to Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel.

Dining at the The Grand Grille
It doesn't matter whether you are in the mood for a casual or a stylish dinner, The Grand Grille delivers. The restaurant is the perfect location for a big family meal, but also one for a romantic couple looking to share some intimate moments. The juicy steaks and delicious BBQ will have you returning the next day as well.

The rooms and facilities
Everyone wants to feel comfortable during vacation, and you will love the rooms at Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel. You can enjoy a cup of hot coffee on your balcony as the rooms are equipped with coffee makers. Furthermore, the rooms feature high speed internet, microwaves, as well as free cable. Premium services include valet service and phones with voicemail.

The meeting rooms
Many guests need to take care of business deals when they are in own, and the conference rooms at Deadwood Mountain do not disappoint. The business center features 3 different rooms, and each of them were designed for a specific type of event. The boardroom is the right place for small or medium business meetings, while the event room is ideal for parties.

Health and fitness center
The hotel features a fitness center with an upright bike, several cardio machines, and free weights. If you want to exercise on the floor, the gym offers yoga mats. Maybe you want to try a new and complex routine, and in that case request for a pass to the Deadwood Recreation Center.

Spa and wellness
Maybe you want to treat yourself to a manicure or a foot massage, so go to the spa for a relaxing session. The spa provides hair services and extensive body therapies as well.